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Heinrich-Heine-University & Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research - Germany
Photo of Wolf B. Frommer

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Wolf B. Frommer

Photo of Sarah M. Schmidt

Project Coordinator

Dr. Sarah M. Schmidt

Photo of Katharina  Wieczorek

Admin Assistant

Katharina Wieczorek

Photo of Joon-Seob  Eom

Group leader

Dr. Joon-Seob Eom

Photo of Van Thi  Luu

Dr. Van Thi Luu

Photo of Melissa  Stiebner

Technic Assistant

Melissa Stiebner

Photo of Paula  Emmerich Maldonado

Technic Assistant

Paula Emmerich Maldonado

University of Missouri
Photo of Bing  Yang

Principal Investigator

Dr. Bing Yang

University of Florida
Photo of Frank  White

Principal Investigator

Dr. Frank White

Photo of Jose  Huguet-Tapia

Dr. Jose Huguet-Tapia

International Institute for Rice Research (IRRI)
Photo of Ricardo  Oliva

Principal Investigator

Dr. Ricardo Oliva

International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)
Photo of Joe  Tohme

Dr. Joe Tohme

Photo of Paul  Chavarriaga

Dr. Paul Chavarriaga

Photo of Sandra Patricia  Valdes Gutierrez

Sandra Patricia Valdes Gutierrez M.Sc.

Photo of Michael  Selvaraj

Michael Selvaraj

Institute of Research for Development (IRD)
Photo of Boris  Szurek

Dr. Boris Szurek

Photo of Sebastien  Cunnac

Dr. Sebastien Cunnac

Photo of Florence  Auguy

Florence Auguy

Photo of Coline  Sciallano

Coline Sciallano

Principal Investigator

Prof. Dr. Wolf B. Frommer

Project Coordinator

Dr. Sarah M. Schmidt

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