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Applications for Bachelor's and Master's theses

Applications for Bachelor's or Master's theses can be submitted at any time at .

In addition to a short letter of motivation, interested students should also indicate where their main research interests lie, in which working group(s) of our institute they would like to accomplish their work and a possible starting date.


Master's thesis project available at the Institute for Molecular Physiology, Team Signaling

Project title:  Optimization and application of a proximity labeling tool for in planta use


As sessile organisms, plants evolved diverse mechanisms to adapt and defend themselves against environmental stimuli, such as wounding. Part of this adaptation resulted in the ability of organs and tissues to rapidly communicate with one another, not only locally, but on a plant-wide, systemic scale. Our group is focused on better understanding the molecular and genetic bases underlying this long-distance signaling, as well as the mechanisms for signal generation, propagation and detection. We recently discovered candidate proteins with a function in systemic signaling.

The project aims to detect and preliminarily characterize proteins that interact with our candidates, using a non-invasive proximity labeling tool (turboID).


  • turboID protocol adjustments and optimization for plant leaf samples
  • fluorescent microscopy
  • diverse cloning and molecular biology strategies
  • generation of stable transgenic Arabidopsis lines  
  • biochemical methods: protein extraction, purification and immunoblots
  • mass spectrometry


We are seeking a very enthusiastic, committed and reliable Master's student with a scientific background in Life Sciences or related studies.

Experience in biochemical methods is desirable. As we are an international laboratory, English is the official language of our lab und your thesis will have to written in English.

Start date:

mid-February 2023 or at your earliest convenience

How to apply: 

Please apply via e-mail to by providing a letter of motivation, a short CV and your preferred start date.

More information about Team Signaling: https://www.molecular-physiology.hhu.de/signaling

We’re looking forward to your application!

Postdoctoral Researcher Position (Frommer-Nakamura group in Japan)

Frommer-Nakamura group at Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM), Nagoya University (JAPAN) is looking for a Postdoctoral Researcher as follows.

[Job title (number of position)] 
Postdoctoral Researcher (one)

Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules, Nagoya University (ITbM), JAPAN

[Research field]
Cell biology, biochemistry and imaging

[Application deadline]

For more information about the position, please visit the following link :

Postdoctoral Researcher Position at Frommer-Nakamura group.pdf

Open position as Humboldt Research Fellow (f/m/d)

The Frommer lab has openings for Humboldt Research Fellows at the postdoc level through a fast track program since Wolf B Frommer has been selected as a Henriette Herz Scout.

Topic areas: Transport processes, biosensors, regulation of carbon allocation, electrical signaling, pathogen resistance, and more, check out our website.

The fellowship come with many benefits.

  • Fellowship is €2,670 (postdocs) and €3,170 for experienced researchers plus bench fees
  • Additional support for families
  • Lifelong support as Humboldt Alumni with option for return fellowships
  • HHU also offer various types of support through JUNO to help you with the move

Key Requirements are:

  • Doctorate completed within the last 12 years
  • Outstanding scientific record and potential 
  • (Above-average publication record, commensurate with career level)

Click on the dokumnt for more information.

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