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Loo, E.P, Durán, P., Pang, T.Y., Westhoff, P., Deng, C., Durán, C., Lercher, M., Garrido-Oter, R., and Frommer, W.B. Sugar transporters spatially organize microbiota colonization along the longitudinal root axis of Arabidopsis. Cell Host & Microbe 32, 1-14 (2024). DOI: 10.1016/j.chom.2024.02.014

Eliza P-I. Loo, Yuri Tajima, Kohji Yamada, Shota Kido, Taishi Hirase, Hirotaka Ariga, Tadashi Fujiwara, Keisuke Tanaka, Teruaki Taji, Imre E. Somssich, Jane E. Parker and Yusuke Saijo. (2022). Recognition of microbe/damage-associated molecular patterns by leucine-rich repeat pattern recognition receptor kinases confers salt tolerance in plants. Molecular Plant-Microbes Interactions, 35(7), 554-566.

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